Pixelmon combines the concept of minecraft and pokemon together to create a free-roaming, pokemon adventure in the world of minecraft. Phantom Pixelmon is the perfect place to start.

Here at Phantom Pixelmon we believe all players have the right to enjoy Pixelmon on a well-made server without the worry of overbearing staff or restrictive rules. On Phantom Pixelmon, we guarantee a fun, comfortable pixelmon experience without walking on thin ice. 

That is why all our server’s rules boil down to three main points:

Be Respectful-- while we respect the freedom of our players, we expect that our players will respect each other.

Be Ethical-- Racism, Homophobia, or any form of hate has no place in Phantom Pixelmon.

Simply, Use Common Sense-- if it feels like you shouldn’t be doing it… don’t do it!

We strive for a community that can still have fun and joke around (hence why we don't have a profanity filter). We put our trust in our players to follow our three guidelines. In the rare occasion that you do receive a punishment that you believe goes overboard, however, we guarantee that every player has the right to appeal.


Our server manager is Cade. He makes sure everything is working on the technical side of the server and are always willing to help in any way possible. He never turns down a question and takes immediate action when there is an issue. You can always look to our manager for 

Our lovely staff host weekly events where you can earn in-game cash, powerful items, or exciting new pokemon!

Our players are our top priority, so we only accept the best staff that we know will help this server become a better place. Staff applications are always open so don't hesitate to apply!

Getting Started

If you are struggling to get started, here are some of the amazing things you can do on our server-- you can:

Collect your favorite pokemon

Breed pokemon

Trade with friends

Hunt for rare pokemon

Strive for /baltop

Battle against other players


Participate in events

Explore the beautiful world

Build whatever your heart desires (make sure to claim your land and /sethome so you don't get lost)

And much more!


Phantom Pixelmon is a fully non-profit server: all donations (yes, we mean all) go straight back into improving the server through hiring developers for custom plugins or paying to keep the server up and running smoothly. The server owners make absolutely no profit from donations. It all goes towards improving the players’ experience!

Join us at and start your own pixelmon journey today!